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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
9th-Jun-2005 01:25 am
scars: brn_gamble
I think the first version (movie canon) of "Scars" is done. I could tweak it until hell freezes over, but it doesn't need much more.

Now I need to work on the second ending (book ending canon). Can't do it tonight . . . too drained.

I love Gamble/Street. It's one of my favorite pairings right now. Screw Aragorn/Legolas. The jillion A/L shippers out there, the 'serious' fans and writers, some of whom have made A/L such an unwelcome place to play, can have their proprietory pairing. For major angst, I'll take Gamble/Street. The three or four of us (okay, maybe five or six) who are into it can just go along our merry way, unnoticed.

I love writing obscure, odd pairings. For the most part, there's nobody to screw with your head, because the world just doesn't care. (Not that you still won't find somebody to stick a pin in your balloon . . . snarkiness isn't limited to A/L, although I now know a lot of people who think it's a fertile breeding ground for it.)

I need to acknowledge the "Scars" icon that my friend Brian made me. Thanks, guy! Not sure about that Nadal one -- it's a little scary! I'm picturing his boyish good looks (his Bagoas-like prettiness), not the fierce competive fire that just won him his first Grand Slam. But maybe I need to channel the energy from that icon right now!

Lesson: When you out-and-out ask for something, you usually get it.

In 72 hours the parade will be over and I'll probably be drunk, having partied with the wonderful friends I have around me this year. Wow. It's worth reflecting that time has a way of stretching out into near infinity, or just racing by unnoticed . . . How often do 72 hours make much of a difference for anybody? I wonder how the next 72 hours will shape me? I hope I'm more positive at the end of them than I've been for the past few days . . . It's not often I'm so negative and disgusted.

Time to sleep and let my mind and body prepare . . .
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