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Goodbye to 2006

We've worked the last couple days for four or five hours (and are planning on going in tomorrow). My office is starting to look WONDERFUL, ready for the Centennial to REALLY start.

2006 was another wonderful year (seems like they all are, actually). Here are some of my favorite things from the year and some other notable memories:

Movies-- 'Miami Vice'

This was a surprise. I didn't expect to like it so much, but it ended up a big favorite. And the Director's Cut DVD is one of my favorites, as well. Maybe Colin was considered 'overweight' or 'bloated' or whatever, but I thought this was his hottest role ever. He was a great, new version of a favorite old character. And I loved the 40-year-old Gong Li as his lover, not to mention the hotter-than-hot Jamie Foxx as Tubbs (I can barely remember when I hated this guy). I loved the soundtrack, as well. The only drawback was the portrayal of Castillo, which was all wrong.

Honorable mentions: 'Mission Impossible 3' and 'Ask the Dust,' despite the bad reviews (for the latter) and the supposed bad box office (for the former, which was only the #10 performer of the year). And I ended up loving 'Casino Royale,' too, and Daniel Craig's portrayal of James Bond. It was also fun to finally see 'Boondock Saints' at a theater with hundreds of other obsessed fans.

It was great to see two contemporary actors put new spin on some favorite characters!

Music--'Miami Vice' soundtrack was my most-listened-to cd.

I especially loved the Cuban rhythms. I wish each and every song had made it to the cd, because there were two I really missed.

This was not as big a year, music-wise. We didn't go to any concerts. We didn't buy near as many cds. My 'summer anthem' (according to the meme), 'Hips Don't Lie,' was the #1 song of the year according to AT40. Hopefully 2007 will have some great musical highlights.

Fanfic--"Tommy's Peace," Joey's 'Hart's War' four-part epic. I loved helping (a little) with this one, and I loved how it turned out. I also loved having Jimbo's lovely "Cognizant" ('Minority Report') dedicated to me for my birthday.

TV--'The Biggest Loser' this fall was probably my favorite reality TV show of 2006. When this season comes out on DVD, I'll get it. I also became obsessed with 'Deal of No Deal.' And I want to get into 'Heroes,' but I just haven't yet. We'll see if that happens.

My wonderful friends, co-workers, colleagues and loved ones: Charlie (of course), a healthier Sister Sue (who's life was changed by weight loss surgery), Marcia (still my #1 supporter), Tom (with all the lovely emails, poems and flowers, not to mention chips), Ed (with his unfailing good humor), June & Jim (the most wonderful neighbors of all time, I guess -- glad June and Charlie made up after their falling out last summer).

My two new kitties Kittie Scarlett and Colin! How wonderful that we found just the right ones. I enjoy every day with them. Currently Scarlett is obsessed with me, but Colin still gives me huge loving every night (how fitting!).

My wonderful flist, including many new friends. I lost a few over the months, but it's always nice to get to know new people. I love LJ!

I finished "Paris' Confinement"! But I didn't finish "The Vessel." In 2007 I am going to finish this one *and* "Boromir's Elves." I won my very first fanfic award at round_table500 for "Pyrrhic Victory."

So much wonderful tennis, both on TV and in our own lives. It was so wonderful to start playing again, and so poignant to watch Andre play for the final time.

Goodbye to dear friends:

Evelyn has moved on to another town and a new life, and she'll certainly be missed. She's been one of my mainstays at work for so many years, especially during the time I was the interim E.D. and beyond.

Just a year after learning Wayne was going to die, he did. I still can't imagine the world without Wayne in it, so I'll probably be missing him for a long time to come. Just today I came across examples of his passion and obsession with details. He made the most of each and everything thing he did -- work and play.

Bob finally passed away, which was inevitable, I guess. The sad part was that we weren't close in the final years. The happy part was that we got closer to Mitch (his son) again. I guess that's the way life works.

There are only 15 minutes left of 2006. I'd better go and join the sisters and get ready for fireworks!

And in just a few minutes, the Centennial year will be officially here at last. I can't quite believe it!
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