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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
MLK Weekend . . . 
14th-Jan-2007 11:42 pm
workout (betty boop) : charliemc
So I finally got my fat ass up on the treadmill for an hour run. (It's about time.) Six years ago I started my Atkins program on MLK weekend, so I'm hoping I can get myself in gear now. I spent Saturday lying down most of the day still fighting the bad sinuses, then today we took a drive up the Gorge in the freezing sunshine. Tonight we watched the first episode of the new season of 'Rome,' which we've gotten really hung up on.

(Hey, Jimbo, if you read this entry, Ciaran Hinds plays Caesar in 'Rome.' You should try to catch it since you're writing the 'Miami Vice' fanfics featuring his character. I've always had a thing for Caesar, and he plays a great version of the character. Of course, he was assassinated in the final episode of last season, and so tonight he was just a corpse. I'd love to read some Caesar/Antony fanfic . . .)

So for some crazy reason, despite patchy bad weather, Portland Public Schools closed on Thursday and it ended up completely screwing up my day. We had to postpone our New Director Orientation (!!), but Jeff and I still made the meeting with Commissioner Adams (and it was a FANTASTIC one). I also drove all the way to my doctor to have my TB test analyzed (surprise! I don't have it!) and deliver my poop sample.

I'm now starting my workout journal again. Centennial Boot Camp has begun!

ETA: And so has the Australian Open, which I was completely mentally unprepared for!

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16th-Jan-2007 03:04 am (UTC)
I've been trying to get in shape and loose weight since 2004. I've managed to behave for the most part. I do fall off the exercise wagon and then I feel guilty. I was on vacation from December 22nd until January 8th and did squat! Finally got my carcass back on the elliptical and rotating my sit ups with upper and lower body weights. I feel better when I move, it's just to get myself to move *sigh*.

The weather in Northern Ontario has been balmy. We only recently got snow and the bitter cold weather that usually hits late November, early December. Too strange by far. Christmas was green.O_o

16th-Jan-2007 04:59 am (UTC)
Nature in its furry is still beautiful. Good you got out.
Sigh....why bodies have to be a certain way...
I'd rather just focus on my inner self (as if I haven't!) and hope it will take care of the outer (yea, right!).
Huff...pufff...huff...puffffffff.... am I helping you any? I'm breathing for ya and about to pass out! Don't exercise so hard! (tisk tisk!)
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