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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Pain in my ass? 
24th-Jan-2007 11:44 pm
So Rafa has pain in his "famous ass"? Is he crazy now?

Let me just say watching him limping around the court against Gonzo (and I don't mean with an injury) was a pain in my ass last night. I should have gotten some sleep instead.

Hope Andy does SOMETHING against Roger tonight.

And I love Kimmie. Love her. But her lack of what we used to call 'the killer instinct' or just the will to win always drove me nuts. And she didn't deserve to win against Sharapova.

Nice girl. She'll make a sweet mother.

When I saw her straightened hair (great ponytail, and I have a fetish for those!), I thought she was back into her winning US Open mode from 2005. I was wrong.

So, go Serena.

And speaking of pain in the ass, today at work I wanted to bitch-slap a couple people. And Leslie listened to me vent for 20 minutes. She rocks. And at the end of the day, Jeff told me I had shown great leadership on our management team in getting us ready to deal with our financial 'issues.'

But I couldn't finish my hour on the treadmill (I had to stop and go to the bathroom!).

Now I have to go write that grant application or my head will pop. And I can deal with the ass pain, but not the headaches.
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25th-Jan-2007 08:07 am (UTC)
Funny -- we both posted about the tennis today (as you can see here).

I can't believe Rafa and all his whining! Wow, that famous ass of his... (heh)

Too bad about Kim. At the point where I wrote I had no clue she'd whimp out. Huh. Oh well, that's how it goes. I love that remark: "Nice girl. She'll make a sweet mother." Snarky! (Oh. Were you being sincere?)


At least you're doing the treadmill...

Well, I'd better get to the garbage and recycling one of these hours before bedtime.

I'm having way too much fun playing with my new phone! (grin)

Sorry about your lousy day. Thank God for Leslie, who rocks big. Anyway, I hope tomorrow is better!
28th-Jan-2007 04:32 am (UTC)
Ha, ha, ha! Sounds as if I missed out on fun by not watching the match!
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