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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Birthday, Kittie Scarlett and Easter . . . 
8th-Apr-2007 10:19 am
chin jerking scarlett: brn_gamble
We finally put Kittie Scarlett to sleep yesterday. We waited a month past the first appointment, just because we weren't ready *and* she wasn't ready. I'm not sure she was ready yesterday, but we were. She weighed 3 1/2 lbs at the end! But the light never really went out of those beautiful green eyes.

She was the strongest little cat we've ever had. And the sweetest.

So, that was how I started my birthday. In the pouring rain we went to the vet, and Dr. McCoy couldn't be there to do it, so some woman doctor did. She wasn't near as good as having Dr. McCoy . . . but it was okay. Charlie had dug the hole the night before (when it was still dry and warm out), so we were ready.

The fun part was . . . yesterday was my birthday! (Thank you, far_mountain, for the virtual gifts!) We went to dinner last night with Sue and Mitch (our favorite, Taco House), and then Charlie and I went to the office and worked until 1:00 a.m.

I ended up getting many flowers and treats and four Starbucks cards for my birthday (the PERFECT gift).

I really want to be around more at LJ, but I have so much to write and just can't keep up. The Centennial celebration is going wonderfully, but it's just too busy right now. I had two big articles in the paper last week, and our big marketing campaign kicks off next week. We still have a lot of $$ to raise, but the projects are going so well. I was immersed in the motion picture on Friday, and I had goosebumps and chills and I cried when I heard the voice of the actress Ira finally selected. She's PERFECT.

Happy Easter to my flist, for those who celebrate. (And, yay, Lent is over!!!) For those who don't, I hope you have a lovely spring Sunday. (And, yay, U.S. Davis Cup Team!)
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8th-Apr-2007 06:45 pm (UTC)
Happy Belated Birthday and (((hugs))) and loves on the little one

8th-Apr-2007 10:40 pm (UTC)
and sympathy and birthday wishes

(they sorta don't go together but they have to.)
8th-Apr-2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear about Kittie Scarlett. It is difficult to let go of a loved pet.

On a happier note..... Happy Birthday and many more :)

Also, Happy Easter to you and your family.

9th-Apr-2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Now Kitty Scarlett can be a guardian angel cat! :-) May she be at peace, the little darling.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your birthday, Miss M. And you are most welcome for the gifts, a little something to let you know I was thinking about you.

And I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

*Hugs ya*
10th-Apr-2007 02:23 pm (UTC)
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Good to hear from you but also good to hear you're busy with wonderful projects! Good luck with the fundraiser!
Kitty Scarlett thanks you for the wonderful days you gave her! That's a grand birthday present! Love that will stick around in soft meows of happiness.
14th-May-2007 06:11 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear about Kittie Scarlett and I'm really sorry it happened on your Birthday. I wand to wish you a late Happy Birthday and hope that the next one is better for you. Good luck with your up coming projects.
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