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Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th to my flist! If you're an American, that means a special holiday. If you're not, enjoy the day anyway!

Despite being accused of being part of the propaganda machine for the war in Iraq and called a war-mongering bitch because of my WWII tank in this year's parade, I'm willing to be completely up-front about my unabashed patriotism. No, this country isn't perfect. A lot of the policies are screwed up, both foreign and domestic. But it's still a wonderful place to live, and I'm glad I was born here. As long as Americans keep caring (and voting!), we'll be okay.

(And as a flower child from the 60s, the whole tank thing was hilarious to me, even though I wasn't laughing at the time. Does nobody get the symbolism of the flowers coming out of the gun????)

We've got the backyard ready to go, we're stocked up on carbohydrates (holy shit), and it's 86 degrees out already. Yay!

And on another note, now that Rafa finally did away with the pesky Swede, why is it Wimbledon gives him no respect? What do they have against him? Now he's due to play on the Graveyard, Court 2, tomorrow! (I guess we should be happy he's playing first.)
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