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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Fooling around at LJ and watching old tennis . . . 
5th-Jul-2007 02:36 pm
andy sweet! : charliemc
We had a nice 4th of July. Rather quiet with a few friends and fireworks (Charlie was the choreographer again) on the sidewalk. We ate too much and yakked a lot. In the afternoon we watched 'Yankee Doodle Dandy,' and I realized I'm the George M. Cohan of parade producing. The critics were constantly accusing him of pandering to patriotism and old fashioned values, and I can identify with that. I definitely make entertainment for the masses, especially the older and younger folks. I'll never be accused of being hip.

Before people arrived yesterday, I got the impulse to start a new community, which I did. It's called cardinal_sins and it's based around Cardinal Wolsey and Sir Thomas More. I had to buy the name from LJ, because the journal had been deleted and purged, and today I've been doing some research to prepare for it (while Charlie makes a banner). I really got the idea from my recent story, "Fuck Utopia," although the inspiration came from catching up on the Showtime series The Tudors once the festival was over. (Yes, Jimbo, I joined your Tudor fanfic communities, too.)

I think I'll make some icons a little later. I haven't done that in months, and it's about time I got over my fear of trying again.

Joey, you're welcome for the paid time. Make use of it, will you?! We want you back at LJ -- you're so much fun to play with.

Colin and Henry decided to sleep together this morning (with a little help from Charlie). I still hope they'll end up friends.

And Rafa won another five-setter. At this rate, he'll have to play ten more sets just to get to the final. With all the tennis pundits doing their usual naysaying, I want him to make it just to show them (not to mention the powers-that-be at the All England Club that don't show him one jot of respect). Good news: He's on Centre Court tomorrow, so I'll be able to listen to Radio Wimbledon if our coverage doesn't show the match and shows Baghdatis/Djokovic instead. And he's on court first, so ESPN2 will have it, not NBC. Yay! (NBC wants the American matches anyway, which means by the time we see the coverage, it's OLD NEWS.)

Note: Andy Roddick is funny.
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6th-Jul-2007 04:19 pm (UTC)
So much happening your way! You're so creative!
I'll check out your community.
7th-Jul-2007 05:08 am (UTC)
She's beyond creative. Seriously. I can't get over it...

We're going to have great fun over at cardinal_sins -- I'm sure of it! (grin)

I certainly had a great time helping set it up...
7th-Jul-2007 05:07 am (UTC)
You are the George M. Cohan of parades -- and I mean that in the very best way! (Go you! Let's see anybody beat your parades...) And you win awards, too, just like George M. (grin)

Yes! I am so very excited about cardinal_sins! It might even inspire me to write some fic.

At least I'm pretty sure it will get me making some "The Tudors" icons at long last...

The babies are going to be good friends -- wait and see!

The Fourth was good, wasn't it? In fact, it's been a nice week of vaca so far. (heh)

I'm glad Rafa won and sad Andy didn't. And yeah, Andy is funny!

I'm delighted to see you trying your hand again at icons. You know that I think you're the true artist in this family...


Can't wait to do more with cardinal_sins!
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