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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Veteran's Day, Masters Cup, etc. 
12th-Nov-2007 10:03 am
tennis - got balls: charliemc
Yesterday we went to Salem for the reading of the nine new names on the Afghan-Iraqui Freedom war memorial. We met the man who helped us gather all the Oregon war information last June for our riderless horse. At the time there were 3,397 Oregonians who had died in service of this country in the past century. Now it's passed the 3,400 mark (although I'm not sure of the exact number -- gotta find out).

Then we watched Maria lose to Henin in the women's season-ending final. And after that we saw 'Lions to Lambs,' the new Cruise-Streep-Redford film. All I can say about that is it was riveting, intelligent entertainment. I didn't want it to end. What an amazing way to show every point of view on the war and how we got where we are, including the politicians, the media, the military and the apathetic public. Redford started out sounding like Redford -- that weird, affected way he does dialogue. But suddenly he was the most natural and believable I've ever seen him. And Cruise was jaw-dropping. He really is a better actor than he gets credit for.

The Masters Cup (men's season-ender) started yesterday, and we get coverage from Shanghai in the middle of the night. I fell asleep during Roddick's match, and just gave up and went to bed. So, when I got up this morning, what did I find out? Roger lost his first match. TO GONZALEZ! It's round robin, so he'll play again, but this hurts his chance of making the final.

Unbelievable. That's three losses since I decided to pull for the guy.

I have definitely wrecked his career.
13th-Nov-2007 01:38 am (UTC)
Such diverse and meaningful subjects.
I enjoyed reading about it all.

15th-Nov-2007 03:32 am (UTC)
Thanks, dear! I hope all is well with you!
17th-Nov-2007 08:40 am (UTC)
The event in Salem was wonderful, wasn't it? I'm so glad we went!

And I loved "Lions to Lambs" -- it was an amazing movie. (Great to go, too. We so rarely see a movie out...)

Cruise is a better actor than people think!

Unbelievable. That's three losses since I decided to pull for the guy.

I have definitely wrecked his career.

Yeah, ain't it the truth! (heh)

By the way, it's GREAT to see you blogging now and then! Keep it up!
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