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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Law & Order: SVU???? 
27th-Nov-2007 11:48 pm
dead poets-TOS
That damn 'Law & Order: SVU'! If they had killed off Kathy, the way they tried to make us believe was going to happen, I would have been really unhappy. As it is, I'm pissed about buying into the buildup and the cliffhanger where she crashes in the ambulance. I thought it was Chris Meloni's turn to go for the Emmy, and yet Mariska still gets the good scenes. (And what were they trying to imply with that embrace between Elliott and Olivia at the end?)

Okay, I haven't even thought much about SVU in years, so whatever they did tonight, it worked. I didn't even know they got Elliott back with his wife. I'm out of the loop, so to speak. But I still feel a certain amount of fondness, since we were huge fans of the show when we first got on line, and Joey's Yahoo list was one of the first one I helped moderate (after all the drama at the SVU list that decided to ban slash).

I actually left work before 6:00 tonight, and I didn't even feel guilty.

I need to write, write, write on my novel!!! And I also need to work on a couple icons, so no more procrastinating . . .
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28th-Nov-2007 09:20 am (UTC)

Good, old "L&O:SVU"!!! It's hard to believe you even watched the whole thing, after all this time...

Remember how much we loved that series?

And I still feel an attraction to Chris Meloni. (Hard not to, I guess!)

I'm glad they didn't kill off Kathy. I always liked that character...

I love your new icon (LJ TOD). It's great!
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