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So many messages, so little time ...

I have so many people to thank for things from the past year ... all my LJ friends who have continued to send me comments and nudges and LJ gifts, not to mention birthday wishes and private emails. You all know who you are, but I want to mention you: ohmorningglory, paradiz, supercaptain182, far_mountain, fatjoey, knightsarmatia, myhope, just_jimbo and even an old LJ friend under a new moniker, skylightdance (who evidently has now deleted this journal, too). And I have new friends to welcome to my flist, like ember999. (And I hope all is well with your daughter, ohmorningglory. I was so sorry to hear about all the problems with her recent birth. She's in my thoughts, as are you!)

So now we're getting ready to head up the Gorge to Stonehenge to see the Perseid Meteor Showers. The best time is supposed to be after 2:00am, so we should be just in time. (There's a waxing moon tonight that sets at 2:00, so it should be dark as a tomb.) I won't get any sleep and I have a meeting at 7:30am, but that's okay. What's one more day without sleep?

The Olympics are well under way. I can't believe Andy Murray already lost ... but the other guys are through the first round. And the Opening Ceremonies were the best I've ever seen, worth every penny of the jillion dollars they invested.

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