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Rafa will go for the gold!

It's really a miracle that Rafa beat Djokovic, considering the defensive way he played in the final two sets. Djokovic lost the match on a flubbed shot, and I felt sorry for him when he left the court crying.

Still, Rafa's mental toughness is unmatched, so you have to admire it. Djokovic still has a long way to go on that count. Funny, though, I really prefer his style of play. I like someone who hits through the ball, not around it. I'm using Djokovic as my style template now for my own serve, and it's helping.

Even more of a miracle was the fact the match was carried live on MSNBC. I had started to watch it on line when I saw it on TV.

And Roger's in the finals of the doubles! Maybe he'll get a gold medal, too.

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