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Sunday update

My computer says it's already Monday, but actually it's still the last few minutes of Sunday. I've spent much of today writing and researching and working on setting up another community at LJ. Seems like the latter is a great passtime, for whatever reason. Mostly I like having somewhere to potential put fanfic. Charlie likes designing the layouts. Thank God for Charlie.

Well, Rafa is a gold medalist at the Olympics! Now he just has to win the US Open to make his year complete. Who cares about Davis Cup or the Masters Cup! If he could win three majors and the Olympics, he'd have an historic year.

By the time I finish posting this, he'll officially be #1 in the world, to top it all off. After nearly five years of the rule of Roger, it's a big deal for us tennis fans.

Too bad the women's game is in a shambles (as usual).

The icon on this post is the Venus of Willendorf, supposedly the earliest representation of a woman on record. It's 100 years old this year. Rather, it's a century since the thing was discovered. It's estimated origin was in 24,000 BC.

And if I keep stuffing down carbs, like I have for the past two weeks, this is how I'll look before long. Hopefully somebody will find it as beautiful as they should this little, delightfully immodest female icon.

ETA: Just saw the gacked image of the tennis rankings from the ATP site at the Nadal community, with Rafa at the top of the list. Woohoo!

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