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New look . . .

The spray tan didn't take, but Charlie gave my User Info page a nice new look. Thank you!!

Today was one of the hilarious ones, reminding me what I do for a living is so weird and wonderful. Kelly and I picked the Rock Lady from California up at the Hilton Hotel and took her to the auto shop where her van was being worked on (van sans front wheels). Jenny brought the cargo van with all her crap and we unloaded it, rocks and all, right there in the garage. The last time I saw her thousands of dollars worth of rock art, it was piled under a yellow Mustang that was raised about 15 feet in the air.

She actually said thank you a couple times. There we were -- me, Jenny and Rachel (three members of the management team) and three other staffers. Thunder started to crack overhead and the skies opened. It poured rain for more than an hour, and Kelly and I could hardly make it back to the office.

If God is trying to tell us something, He'll have to be a bit more specific.
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