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Posting around . . .

Just trying to catch up on entries and comments. I like having a lot more communities, etc., to read through, but it sure takes some time! And I haven't written one word of fanfic this week!

Today, however, I finished my project on the new Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. The attorney told me she was really enjoying working with me, that I clearly cared about the project (which is certainly true). I was impatient, however, at this morning's Executive Committee meeting, and bugged by the seemingly clueless comments.

What else is new?

Good news: The CEO of IFEA called and is including an old article I wrote for one of their books in the events magazine. This is good right now if I decide to troll for a new gig. He and I talked for about 15 minutes.

And, our former mayor has agreed to be a job reference for me! Woohoo! (Thanks to Phyllis, of course.)

Bad news: Kelly had a car accident on the way to work. That makes her, me and Jenny who all have been hit by other folks on our way to work this year. I drove Kelly to the doctor today while she had her sprained ankle worked on, and made work-related calls in the lobby while I waited.

Tomorrow is my last day before having ten days in a row off! Hurray! And it was warm and sunny today. So, I have no complaints (except that I'm getting fat and have to start working out!)

I hope Laurie gets an LJ and joins the fun!

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