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Self-Centric~Me, Contrite~Me

So, perspective is a beautiful thing.

Here I am, whining about being stood up by the supposed love of my life (she says ironically) and being trumped at the last minute in a fanfic free-for-all, when there are people with real problems close at hand.

Yesterday P called in a sad state, having just been diagnosed with ulcers, surviving a tense board meeting (I know what those are like) and having been inflicted with the worst personnel review of her life. Her Executive Director is a worthless bitch, evidently. And it's wearing on P. I've seen creative people squelched before, and it's not a pretty sight. She needs to find her way free of all that garbage.

And D's husband has taken a turn for the worse. He might not pull through, and she's not handling it well. It would be hard to decide what's worse: to lose someone immediately or by painful inches.

And Sue's best friend, a breast cancer survivor, now has a tumor in her stomach. Poor woman. And it will be horrible for Sue.

I worked 12 hours yesterday (well, I did go to lunch with a friend in the middle of the day) after staying home sick on Thursday. And today the sun is shining, so we're taking a ride and listening to some tunes. It's always good to remind yourself how lucky you are.

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