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Politics and a sober Colin~

John McCain's on Letterman, Joe Biden's on Leno (with Colin Farrell, who's been pimping his 'new' movie by talking about how drunk he used to be).

McCain's starting to look even more strained. He's trying so hard to be out there. I'm imagining what it would be like to work with him as a media advisor, and it reminds me of a really difficult board president.

He just mentioned Alexander the Great ... too bad Colin's not on with him ...

(Speaking of Colin, I wonder how skinny he still is. We'll see, I guess.)

ETA: Colin did not look all that skinny, although the long hair is pretty stringy this time around. I can't believe they're doing the same bits about his western line dancing all these years later. Isn't there something new he could talk about?

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