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71 degrees on October 26!

What a gorgeous day! We didn't get up in time to go to the beach, but we did manage to run some errands and enjoy the amazing sunshine. I got a pair of backup glasses, just in case my special glasses don't arrive in time for Halloween. *And* I got the hair color and extra piece of hair fluff. I guess I'm ready to go, except for practicing the voice and manners, of course. I need to tape the VP debate, but I forgot to get that done today.

We need to go get the button maker and make a few special buttons, as well. I need a "MILF, GILF, VPILF" button, fer sher.

And I messed with my NaNo account, since it's just a few days away from starting. I think we'll go do the midnight write-in on Halloween, meaning we'll start writing when the whole thing officially starts. Still not sure where the local group will be meeting.

I need to make some icons and write some fanfic. I have two deadlines coming up *before* NaNo!

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