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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Sampras & Agassi, Thank God! 
7th-Sep-2002 02:00 pm
What a fabulous day. I've had a great two weeks of just hanging out, eating garbage and watching great tennis. And now Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras have both made it into the final of the U.S. Open! Who would have predicted that? No one. Certainly not me.

The Agassi match just wrung us out. We were shouting, and my hands are stinging from clapping.

I'm a major Agassi fan, but I don't even care who wins tomorrow. As far as I'm concerned, we've all won already!

Leo can feel free to come over tomorrow and root for Pete. I won't care.

Between phone calls to our sister Sue and to Leo, it's been a long six hours!

Joey heated up sausages and lost track, burning them a little. But we ate them anyway.

At the end, we were all crying, even Joey.

I really didn't accomplish much of anything on my vacation. We never really went anywhere or did much. I just vegged. I've been reading Nancy Drew books, ones I read years ago and some new ones I've never read. I finished one last night, in fact.

Next week is going to be one of the hardest of my professional career. We're going to have to do some really tough things at work in order to face the economic reality of the future. I know I can handle it, but it's sure nice to have a last couple days to just be away from it all.

And my boss has a crazy idea about my job that I've thought about a little bit during the vacation, wondering if it's the right thing for me. Is it time for me to get out of event management? I was certainly burned out on it all in June, but I really love it. Do I want to give it up? I just don't know, frankly. Part of me thinks yes, part thinks no way.

I'm so happy the way the whole LiveJournal thing has turned out for Joey. It's motivated him to get organized and to get back to writing. For God's sake, he even finished "Lockdown"!! And he seems so proud of his accomplishments. It's the best 'present' I've ever given him. It's wonderful.

Kevin is writing tons of fic right now. Leo even posted something last night, according to Charlie (an mpreg!). And he finally unveiled his Howie as a castrati concept, even though he didn't do it in the 'Persian Boy' fic.

(Speaking of that, reading about it in Leo's Howie journal made me want to read the book again. We dug it out, and I've been reading that along with the Nancy Drew books.)

It's great to see people around the lists a little and writing fic. The writing is what this is all about for me.

In the meantime, yesterday was our next door neighbor's birthday, and Charlie needs to get over there and take her some gifts. Our neighbor's mom turned 80-something a few days ago, and Charlie sat with her for some time. (Charlie is the most social person I know. She doesn't exercise her social muscles nearly enough right now.)

Debra is still waiting to have her baby, according to the RCFriends list. Evamaria is on her long trip to North America. I wonder if she'll get together with Nik. (I can't help thinking what a great experience that was for me. Nik will always hold a special place in my heart.)

Speaking of Nik, he wrote me a few weeks ago that he got to watch the James Blake/Agassi semifinal in D.C., where Blake just trounced Agassi. I'd love to have the chance to see Agassi play sometime, even in an exhibition. But if it never happens, I've certainly enjoyed watching him on t.v. all these years.

Charlie still needs to have her ultra-sound to see about the possibility of a hysterectomy. We were pleased that her biopsy was okay, and she started some new hormone therapy.

I need to get back to working out (I've done nothing on vacation) and watching what I eat. But I can do that starting Monday! I have a day and a half of vacation left, and this year it was a vacation from all my pressures, including the ones I put on myself!

Well, it might be time for an 'eye rest.' And I need to find another Nancy Drew book to read.

Way to go Andre! (And Pete.)
8th-Sep-2002 11:03 pm (UTC) - Wonderful vacation!
And I'm sure the week will go well (even with the hard events coming up at work).

We're so lucky to have the wonderful life we lead!

I was sorry to see Andre lose today--but glad for Pete (and his sweetly pregnant wife). It was a good U.S. Open, I thought. (Could someone throw a net over Tony Trabert, though???)

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