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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Thursday before Halloween~ 
30th-Oct-2008 12:12 pm
So, I finished my first creative team agenda for tomorrow morning. We met with our final city commissioner this morning, and in an hour or so I need to head to another meeting outside the office. The round trip alone will take me 45 minutes. So, I'm taking a short break ...

Charlie and I are coming back to the office tonight to decorate. Sara did ten mystery pumpkins with familiar features for a game we'll play in tomorrow's potluck party. I think I'll use them in my parade meeting, too, just for fun.

I have totally slacked off on preparation for my own 'guest appearance' ... I'll inundate myself this afternoon, I guess. I have several people coming just to see the Vice Presidential candidate, so I gotta pull it off. I've now seen Tina Fey on two talk shows, and it always helps me to hear her own tricks of the trade. Last night Dave Letterman had me howling with his 'How Many Sarah Palins Will Fit in a Lenscrafters?' bit.

On an entirely different note, I saw this article about whether Nolan will direct the next Batman movie. I fear if he doesn't stay involved in the project, it will lose both credibility and quality.

Last night I did my second drabble for the Batman drabble community (I try to do two a week), the night before I finished my 500 words for the KA drabble group, and now I just have one more challenge fic to write. It's due November 11, so I could conceivably write it after NaNo starts, but it's going to be tough enough to keep up with the 100-word drabbles after November 1. I should be writing on that thing right now, since I'm currently uninspired. It's another TDK thing, since that's my current obsession (even the KA story had that theme). At least I'm writing ... and I'm planning on doing the midnight write-in for NaNo, now that I know where it is. I'll head over after we finish with trick or treaters tomorrow night. Hopefully Charlie will feel up to going, too.

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