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City, Yes, Sexy, Not So Much~

So, I finally watched the Sex and the City movie the other night On Demand. So, if you haven't seen it and you care at all, there be spoilers ahead.

I was struck by how gaunt at least two of these women look. As you get older, it's harder to be skinny and look good, unless you use a lot of shots and knives (which sometimes makes you look worse). I think Kathleen Turner once said she had to choose between her face and her ass looking good (and ultimately neither one did).

Anyway, the whole 'Big leaves Carrie at the alter' thing was striking, having recently been abandoned by someone just hours before a big event myself. I thought how self-indulgent Carrie was in her reaction, but that's pretty true to the character. She always was the most self-centric woman on television (now she adds that claim to movies). I didn't have a moment to spare feeling sorry for myself. I had a responsibility to the event. Seems she didn't have the same responsibility for her wedding guests. And then she could just get her friends and hired help to get her out of her mess.

The clothes were definitely nice. And as much as I always loved Samantha's boy, I was happy to see her choose to leave him in the end, right before she turned 50. Being without a man can be a choice, not a regret. Having Samantha live totally for a man was disconcerting. I was actually moved by the little birthday celebration, probably because I always identified with Samantha and am close to the same age.

Anyway, the movie was okay. I was entertained for nearly two and a half hours, I have to admit, even though the culminations of all the plotlines were pretty predictable. I was struck to see Jennifer Hudson, with the horror going on in her life right now.

(And I didn't blame Sarah Jessica for having that mole removed after the comments by the mean media. It did look huge, and I didn't even see it on the big screen!)

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