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2008 is Almost Over~

What a weird year this has been . . . I'm not quite ready to sum it all up (not sure if I can), but it's certainly ending better than the first six months started. Still, I've watched a lot of people have horrible years with a lot of issues, like Rich and Kristen and many others. I think most of the world must be looking forward to a new start.

Today I'm thankful I work for an organization that has a 'non-essential' business this time of year, so if I don't feel like putting skates on my car, I don't have to. And since it looks like there's a lot more snow and ice headed our way, I may not see the inside of my office for a couple of weeks.

I finished calling the folks on my team and telling them our holiday 'party' is being postponed and to use their own judgment about work tomorrow. Portland schools have made the weird choice of opening one side of the river and closing the other, so that's a bit confusing.

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