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Henry Stays Warm~

So, the terrible weather day was a little exagerrated, to tell the truth. (And, 'exaggerate' is a word I have never been able to learn to spell in my entire life, so I'm using both of my spellings here.) We actually drove to Starbucks this morning, then took a ride around snowy Sauvie Island. We didn't get freezing rain, but we got close to freezing cold rain.

And now tonight it's supposed to re-freeze, and tomorrow will be one big skating rink.

So . . . the NO WORKING goes on. Hurray for us.

Henry is such an under-cover cat. He actually ran for my blanket yesterday, and then he got on the couch with me and huddled in my 'cave.'

Henry Tudor cat in the sofa tent

Henry Tudor cat in the sofa tent

Today I'm thankful for my kitties, that even after losing three wonderful cats in the past few years, we were able to adopt and fall in love with two others, Colin and Henry. Nearly every night of my life Henry crawls in with me, just like Kittie Scarlett did for the short year we had her.

It's horrible to lose a cat. But it's wonderful that there are so many more to love. (Thanks, Charlie, for fixing these photos for me.)

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