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Enough is enough ~

Spent much of tonight experimenting with one of my domains, playing around with the art of the possible. The major problem with the web tool at our website provider is the inability to add pages that don't show in the menu. I'd like to be able to expand on some stuff with a link, but if that's possible, I haven't figured it out.

The generic template is definitely more usable than any of the specific ones, but I got lucky when I chose the one for my own site. I'm not ready to mess with that yet.

Can I be thankful that I'm stubborn? I think I am, anyway, both stubborn and thankful for it. I try to use this quality when it will help, not hinder.

And in the meantime, I want to write a funny Flintstone fanfic. I tried to start it today, but I wasn't feeling inspired.

We have 12 inches of snow in Portland, the most since 1968. And we're going to have the whitest Christmas on record. More snow is expected on Christmas Eve.


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