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I'm one BIG kid!

So, as if I didn't have enough ways to waste the time I don't have, I found a list of the best games of the year on MSN and downloaded one of them. It's called Virtual Villagers, and it's absolutely addictive (much like Sims of Civ). We played it all day and into the night (which is now). And supposedly the little buggers are off on their own doing things right now. We'll see about that.

Tomorrow I plan to try to get out of this house, slush or no slush. The little bit of snow we got today didn't stick, and the temp is supposed to reach 40 tomorrow.

I'm thankful that I still have the wonder of a child when it comes to so many things. Some games are like that. Some movies. Some sights. I don't want to ever lose my ability to think and act like a child, to try to see things the way kids do. I still identify with the kids when I watch a TV show or movie. And I hope I do when I'm 70. (I should really try writing kids, like Charlie does . . .)

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