Mistress Marilyn (mistressmarilyn) wrote,
Mistress Marilyn

Getting back to normal ~

So, my little village (not so little--up to 20 villagers now) is just going along without me. The cool thing about the game is that it doesn't need you to play. These little dudes need to do a lot of scientific research and work up some tech points, so they might as well do it alone. My favorite thing about the game is the little kids. They are too cute! (I need to make a Virtual Village icon!)

The battery on the car is now dead, so I'll have to get it replaced tomorrow. And just when we were going to head to Starbucks (first time in a week)!

Snowpocalypse is pretty much finished now, with the exception of several roofs collapsing under the weight of the snow and water melt. (I just hope my own office isn't flooded, considering my ceiling was constantly dripping already.) It got to 50 degrees today!

So I'm thankful for a return to normalcy, which is coming. I need to get dressed in real clothes again and go out among other humans. I need to get back to something resembling a routine. I love routine bordering on ritual.

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Tags: snowpocalypse 2008, thanks

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