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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
2009, Day One ~ 
1st-Jan-2009 11:51 pm
NostRainDamnUs has taken over from Snowpocalypse. It's ridiculous. I'm expecting toads next.

Happy New Year! Time for some Resolut-Uns, which may go with the NaBloPoMo theme for January, Change. I want to post as much as I can, but I'm not trying for every day this month. It's unrealistic, and I need to concentrate on other things.

Those things:

Writing! Write more, write on my novel, write for our new Writer's Circle, write, write, write! (And don't forget this blog for months at a time, like last year.)

Get published! Find an agent, find a publisher, find venues for my writing.

Get more organized! Get rid of stuff, both at the office and at home. LET GO OF STUFF, both real and imagined. But back up the important stuff, like the writing.

Eat fewer carbs.

Relax more doing things *away* from the computer, like talking non-fitness walks, reading, listening to the Top 40 countdown.

Play more tennis!

Learn more about websites, learn how to FTP, get a little better at graphics.

and, as always . . .
Work out! Run, walk, lift, stretch, do what's necessary to feel faster and lighter. (I may even consider the dreaded gym or Curves or something.)

(And don't forget to fool around with Spanish and the guitar, but don't turn it into a stress thing!)

So, I wrote my first drabble of the year today and posted it at the nearly-deserted Batman drabble community. I may gack all the drabbles I've written there (40-some, at least two a week) and stick them in a journal somewhere. Now I have to go do my RL writing assignment, researching a few contests.

ETA: Island update ~ I forgot to mention that Bruce died shortly after midnite. I realized too late that getting the next level of medical technology would increase my little guys' lifespans. Today they built the big statue, and now I only have two puzzles to solve. I'll post photos tomorrow (maybe).

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2nd-Jan-2009 08:35 am (UTC)
FTP's easy once you know how - just like transferring files from one directory to another. I use CoreFTP Lite - it's a free programme which I'm pretty sure is still available.

Good luck with all of your aims for 2009!
3rd-Jan-2009 04:35 am (UTC)
You've got a nice set of resolutions there.

I hope your writing and publishing plans work out this year. That would be fab.

Congrats on recovering your fanfic muse. You go, girl!
3rd-Jan-2009 09:12 am (UTC)
Great goals. We're going to have a FAB 2009!

Rock on!
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