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Yes, More Snow!

After midnite last night, it started to snow like mad! And it actually stuck all day. In fact, there's snow on the ground again.


In the meantime, back at Isola (the Island), both Jack and Lindsay have now passed on, so I have four graves in the meadow. I've noticed as I get deep into the game, that my little people do totally new things, like working out, 'reflecting,' and yesterday I found Missy going somewhere to 'secretly practice dancing.' (Her dance looked a little like Britney, by the way.)

Here's a photo of Jack burying Bruce:

Here's a photo of Bruce Jr. enjoying the bath:

And in other news, I actually wrote an entry for Writer's Digest Your Story contest and posted it this morning. Why wait? And later I spent some time gacking all the drabbles I had written in four different communities and putting them in my own drabble journal, where maybe I won't lose them. (Since I've written 42 Batman drabbles, I was starting to get concerned.)

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