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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Writing Immersion ~ 
3rd-Jan-2009 11:52 pm
alfred poster
My first issue of my subscription to Writer's Digest came today, and I forced myself to read through much of it and to look up two of the contributors' websites, as well. (Both were very nice, by the way, one of them of a highly successful contemporary author, Megan McCafferty.)

We went to the Vancouver Writer's gathering today, which covered information available on line for both prospective and working authors. The leader of the session was the owner of a bookstore who also has a blog here at LiveJournal. She didn't share her moniker, but she gave a couple LJ links to other authors and/or writing communities. The session was enjoyable and informative, and I'm glad we went.

I spent a couple hours this afternoon working on my drabble journal and putting links to the places the drabbles had been posted (because any feedback would clearly be at those communities). It was surprisingly simple to do.

Then we got more bedding (the shopping never ends) and came home. It's still colder than hell here, and we're evidently in the Siberian section of town, because we still have lots of snow on our lawn.

I've spent the last half hour or so working on a Prestige fanfic I started in October. Maybe I'll eventually finish the damn thing. Finishing what I start, especially when it comes to writing, is definitely a goal. (Don't remind me of those precious WIPs out there in cyberspace!)

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