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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Three-ringed City ~ 
26th-Jan-2009 01:22 am
Good lord, I haven't made an entry for several days. It's almost hard to decide what to say, there's so much going on. And it would be trivial to talk about what's going in my own little world. My head throbbed for much of Thursday and Friday, after a week that started on a hopeful note, with the Inauguration of a new President.

I'm proud to live in Portland, and most of the time I think it's the best city in the country in so many ways, open-minded and progressive. But at the current time our local media has turned into a lynch mob, calling for the resignation of our mayor, Sam Adams. And despite the fact he definitely screwed up, lying about his relationship with an 18-year-old during his campaign, he's still the best man for the job. But since he's an openly gay man, his sexual activities are even more salient and prurient, and it's left him with nearly no way to win.

But he has to find a way, because we need him as mayor. I've known him for more than 15 years, and he's an amazing leader, educated and experienced, trained to do this job. His election was one of the highlights of 2008.

I was disappointed in him, yes, but mostly because he didn't stick it out last week, didn't get to work on turning things around. He didn't even show up at City Hall Wednesday through Friday, and this gave his detractors time to muster their forces. One of the other City Council members said that his 'silence spoke volumes,' and the fact of the matter is, you can't let other people tell your story. They are going to get it wrong. You have to speak for yourself.

I stood outside City Hall Friday evening with pb_n_jam and a few hundred others calling for him to Get Back to Work, trying to show support among a crowd of people with varying degrees of normalcy. Portland is known for its diversity, a place where Weird is considered a virtue. I can only hope the unfortunate sign "18 Year Old Cock is Legal" didn't make it on TV.

Last night I was watching the late news to see if there was an update on whether Sam had made a decision on whether or not to resign, and I saw there was breaking news downtown. Shots had been fired, and at least two people were feared dead. It turns out that several people were shot near an underage nightclub, a longtime establishment owned and operated by one of our board members. Two of the people killed were teenage girls, one an exchange student. Several other Rotary Int'l exchange students were also shot.

And the shooter? Typical stuff. Quiet, unassuming, video-game fan. Didn't own a gun, they say. Friends and family are shocked.

This is a horrible incident, terrible for the kids, parents, patrons and police, not to mention for Portland overall. And since it happened on the streets of downtown, two blocks from the park that's a major venue for summer festivals, it will have an impact on all outdoor events, not just on the club scene.

Le sigh.

2009 is shaping up to be a very challenging year. And January isn't even over yet.
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26th-Jan-2009 04:43 pm (UTC)

cause sometimes that is all there is to say

27th-Jan-2009 07:36 am (UTC)
Thanks, dear!
26th-Jan-2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
What a mess Marilyn.

And really, poor Sam. When the media and people get you down they have no mercy.

If he can carry his part of running Portland then who cares about his sex life? The kid was legal, right? But then you hear the word kid and it puts a bit of unpleasant association with it.

Nevertheless, the young man was of legal age.

I wouldn't know what advice to give Sam, what direction to take.

The public has declared him guilty and unfit for office. He will have to stand up and stand straight (no pun intended)and deal with it. He has to convince the people that he can be a good mayor for the state regardless of all that other stuff.
27th-Jan-2009 07:38 am (UTC)
You're so right. The whole age thing gets people hysterical. We're completely unrealistic about it. Now people are up in arms about whether they kissed when the kid was 17. And having watched the guy get interviewed, he sounds like a complete idiot, and he's now 21. So I have to wonder about Sam's taste.

Holy shit.

Yes, he has to 'stand up and stand straight.' I love it. But I wonder what will happen. They can't recall him for six months, regardless, because we have a law about it.
27th-Jan-2009 12:53 am (UTC) - :o(
Truly a sad state of affairs!
Politics and personal/private life should be seperate like church and state! If no law was broken, the only judgment for consideration should be his competency of handling civic duties.
Why people lie: I've been thinking about that since your previous entry on the subject. Most of the time, I believe, people lie thinking it will protect self or others, possibly avoid embarrassment (usu. becomes worse),or sometimes thinking the problem will just go away. I've thought about this since my high school social studies teacher stated a politician "should never admit a mistake"! Isn't that a lie then???? (Maybe that was his first instinct if he learned the same...from the same generation?)
Anyway, I feel badly for you and your friend. Maybe it's not too late to just state his personal life has no bearing on his job performance. Focus diligently on duties and simply state his private life is just that - private. Surely, a liberal place like your city will consider what really matters - I hope.
As for the shootings, it happens so randomly these days in areas not expected. I'm sure your city will continue being open-minded. How sad for all, that all this happened!
27th-Jan-2009 07:44 am (UTC) - Re: :o(
Good point about the lying. We all watched Clinton refuse to admit his mistake. Look how it worked out for him. He was cheered just a week ago in Washington D.C.

I agree we lie to protect ourselves. As others have said, we're raised to do it. It's a natural thing for a little kid to deny something he/she did to avoid getting in trouble.

And, YES, we always think if we avoid something, it will just go away. Denial is also a natural thing, too.

When you think about it, it's a miracle that honesty even exists. Or maybe we have too high a standard about it.
27th-Jan-2009 06:16 am (UTC) - Three ringed city
This was a great entry and I enjoyed reading it a lot. I am so proud of you and Jessica for going to the support rally for Sam. I am glad that he isn't going to resign and hope to can stay our mayor. The shooting was terrible and the shooter couldn't even get it right when he shot himself in the head.
27th-Jan-2009 07:46 am (UTC) - Re: Three ringed city
I sent an email to Dan Lenzen this morning and just wished him and his staff well. It's got to be horrible to have this happen to your own clients.

Sam needs to keep on keepin' on. And somebody needs to put a gag on that boy toy. (I meant that in the non-sexual sense.)
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