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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Weird mood ~ 
13th-Feb-2009 01:38 am
So, for some reason last night we ended up watching the Heath Ledger film 'Candy,' where he was a struggling heroin addict. He looked so much like the Joker, I could almost imagine that this was a younger version of that character.

I got about an hour's sleep, then got up and went to work and felt like I was trying to keep from drifting off into a catatonic state. I actually sat for an hour and struggled with a Word document, wishing we still had a crack admin who could take it over, but partially wanting to prove I could do it myself. I ended up leaving work with three phone calls to return and a day of steering committee and media training facing me tomorrow. And all I wanted to do was make a handbook in Word.

Weird. It was like having a flashback, remembering the satisfaction I used to get from doing good admin work.

Then another carb-loading glutton-fest after work (Candy's spaghetti pie, for godsake), and a long winter's nap. (It's been ridiculously cold, and I'm sick of it.) We were supposed to go tan tonight to get ready for the ball on Saturday, and now we'll have to do that tomorrow night. And I have to give myself a damn pedicure, because I'll be wearing open-toed shoes. (Still not sure what else I'll be wearing, but I guess I'll wait and panic on Saturday, like Charlie is predicting.)

This weekend: Yes, the ball; and yes, we'll have to go down and work at the new office site for at least a couple hours. But the rest is going to be about writing. It just has to be.

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13th-Feb-2009 11:09 pm (UTC)
Damn the weather. Too cold, too hot, never just right.

"...carb-loading glutton-fest..." yeah, those. I don't know what is worst, having them at random or preparing in advance for them.

Hope you have fun at the ball.
14th-Feb-2009 05:01 pm (UTC) - Wierd mood
Hey Marilyn, I need to be as good as you and Charlie are about posting even when your lives are so filled with work etc. I am going to be so glad when my contractors are done and my life can get a bit back to normal. I hope you enjoy the ball and the experience will be a good one. It is very nice that you are supporting the event and taking time away from your week-end to go. I want you to spend more time writing, and on yourself. I am also sick of winter which normally would not bother me, but this has been a long hard one.
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