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The weirdness continues ~

So, tomorrow is our press conference, and it's ruled my life the last couple days. I need to go wash my hair, then get ready to go downtown in the middle of the night and use the signs and cones Peter got ready for me to block off parking spaces for TV trucks. And I need to put a stake in the ground where we want the rose planted. (I can't wait to see the huge banner I had made up on our new building: "Future Home of ~" The water bureau was supposed to hang it today.)

Oh, yes, my job is completely whack some of the time. (Did I say "some"?)

I just read the article on line, and it's not that bad (at least the on line version). Hopefully giving the story to the newspaper won't discourage the electronic media, but that's always a possibility.

And then tomorrow I have New Director Orientation in the late afternoon, and we're 'auditioning' a color guard for the parade at 7:30pm. (I've managed not to mention that in four months this whole thing will be over . . . hopefully not permanently, but one never knows.)

On the personal front, I have an appointment with my new doctor on Friday. Finally! I'm so proud of myself for getting this scheduled.

Did I mention I had PASTA for dinner?! This after eating baked potatoes twice this week. I am officially fucked up. (This is a good time for neo_prodigy's post about full figured women. Thanks, dude. I'm really resembling that, so I might as well feel good about it.)

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