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Making Note ot an Amazing Two Weeks ~

The past two weeks could be used to teach a class on public relations. It's probably been the most successful time in my entire career when it comes to doing everything I do, strategizing, messaging, manipulating, planning and executing. If we sat back and wrote out the desired scenario, we couldn't improve on the result. The only thing I didn't really do was any speaking of my own. (I just enjoyed putting words in other people's mouths, which really sums up both my vocation as a professional and my aspiration as a writer.)

So rarely do you come away from any sort of media event and/or campaign with true satisfaction. I hope I can get a lot out of this and it keeps me energized throughout the next three months. Because I feel so far behind in the rest of my life, like blogging and writing and trying to get back into shape. It's been a week since I posted here, and I feel like I'm losing touch with my flist and my communities (dammit).

I need to:
Finish my Alfred/Lucius story. (I'm working on that when I finish this.)
Start and finish my story for our writers group. (I'll probably do that this weekend.)
Write an entry for Writer's Digest Your Story contest (due March 10). (I am uninspired by the new prompt.)
Get my FaceBook set up!
Scope out what I need to do for the big contests coming up (the ones that will fall during my hell season).
Can I squeak out a drabble or two?
(and what ever happened to that novel I was writing?)

On the I'm proud I actually accomplished something front, I got to my new doctor (I love him!) and found out I needed to go to a specialist, and I made that appointment for next week. I managed to survive a marathon seven-day-in-a-row week and even get my office cleaned up while I listened to the Academy Awards (yes, Heath!). I attended another author series event, and this was a great one. I was at our promotional appearance by 5:00am this morning, and then I lasted for 12 hours today, plus I managed to get over and have lunch with Jess finally.

You've got to celebrate the small successes.

And now that Fat Tuesday is past, I'm giving up the goddamn carb binging for a while and getting my physical act together. I'm planning on big successes on this front.

ETA: The City Council voted today on our new office space, and it's a done deal. I wish I had been there, and Jeff felt bad that he didn't invite me. He just didn't realize that today would be the day, which is certainly worth noting. (And I don't think I've ever written an entry with so much indiscriminate use of bold and italics. You'd think I'd been reading too much fanfic or something.)

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