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Lidocaine on a Q-tip

So, the subject of this post is going to become a code phrase for me, referring to something that's a ridiculous attempt to keep something from hurting really bad. My visit to the gynecologist yesterday (Tuesday, actually) was . . . unpleasant . . . to say the least.

Ladies, if your gynecologist comes at you with a Q-tip covered with Lidocaine, watch out!

The good news is, I won't need emergency corrective surgery, because the doc 'fixed things' in his office. The bad news is, he 'fixed things' in his office.

Um . . . ouch.

On the list of things to do, no Facebook account yet (!!), and I still have to send out the stories from Monday (no, mine was not the last one in, but it was probably the last one finished).

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