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No Smell I

(So a giant, rock-like creature, wounded by phaser fire, backs away from the slab of slate where it's been gently vibrating for several seconds, leaving behind the strange words, "No Smell I.")

After a week of lying around reading, when I wasn't lying around moaning, I finally went back to work and to the damn doctor today. Yes, I've broken down and starting taking a dreaded antibiotic. Why? Because I have the worst sinus infection of my life, and several days ago I realized I had completely lost the sense of smell.


No, I'm not sneezing or plugged up anymore. I just can't smell anything. Not anything bad, not anything good. Food has absolutely no taste. And I can actually claim that my shit doesn't stink.

After several alarming stories on line and from folks I know (Mack's wife didn't get her sense of smell back for seven months!), I called the doctor. He scoffed at the idea the loss could be permanent or even semi-permanent and told me to stop surfing the net about it. I've chosen to take it as a sign from a higher power that I have to stop obsessing about food.

Life's a beach, but at the current time I can't smell the ocean.

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