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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Another year-end list-- 
31st-Dec-2002 01:02 pm
2002 is almost over!

I'm so happy to have this year winding down. Life has continually kicked us in the ass this year. So much money lost, so many days of hard (sometimes thankless) work, so little real 'down time.' So much stress.

No matter how hard we tried to just have a good attitude and get through it all, something new would come up to try to knock us down.

Might as well re-live some of the personal 'horrors':

Let's see . . . we started off the year with internet problems, and I immediately got a horrible case of laryngitis. I ended up with two serious flu-like bugs during the winter/early spring. (And Charlie continued to struggle with her physical issues all year, finally getting to the point where she's going to have surgery.)

The Rose Festival season was so brutal, I still can't stand to think back on parade day -- my biggest event and it was anything but 'magical.' Ugh.

What happened to my body? I had a weird problem with mold on my fingernails. Several of them turned green in late spring. Then I had a couple eye problems, including a terrible infection, during the summer. Then I developed a skin condition that got so bad by October, it covered my entire body. I felt like a leper. (Don't tell me stress doesn't have a physical effect!)

Lately we've had car trouble, a complete computer crash and a cat that's been sick on and off.

I had two months this fall of carbo-binging and getting out of shape, and I've only recently gotten myself together -- no more skin problems, eye problems and I'm back on a workout schedule. Whew!

When you look at all this stuff, you see that none of it is really earth-shaking. It's just the 'little' annoyances that continually creep up and keep you a little off-kilter.

Still, Charlie and I stayed happy and content about life in general. And the major reason is that we have so many wonderful things in our life to concentrate on, other than the setbacks and annoyances.

So today I'm thinking of the ten things about fandom that helped make the year 2002 a good one -- despite everything RL tossed in our direction. And naturally, I might as well list them here, because it's time for all those year-end lists.

In no particular order,

The Royal Court Friends list.
Thanks to Nik for starting this group that made it possible for me to get messages right to my work computer (I don't give a damn if it's a bad policy) that helped me get through the tough times. It was so great to keep up with people this way, even when the list was silent.

Eminem. Wow, what a great year for this guy. He's the Entertainer of 2002 in my book. Great album, great single success, great movie. And suddenly he's gone from this punk asshole to America's most unlikely poet laureate. And he's even cute. And people like him. (Time to re-think his career, I guess.)

PlayStation2. If we'd had games like this when I grew up, I never would have bothered to grow up . . . well, I guess I never did grow up, or why would I care about PlayStation in the first place! We're getting close to virtual reality here, and it's just amazing (not that I still don't spend hours on Civ III).

NSYNC. Seeing them in concert was a highlight this year. I got to sit in the pit, acted like a 16-year-old, got a bemused shrug from Justin, laid my hands on Chris and was the envy of my friends. It was a complete blast (as we used to say).

New and old friends on line. No, we didn't get to meet many new friends in person, but we did get to know some new friends on line, like Milo and Evamaria and Grey and Carrie. And it was wonderful to watch Deb have a baby and see Nik get together with Carrie.

Nick Carter. What a year to grow up! Get arrested, find yourself on the outs with some of your former Backstreet 'brothers,' get the stuffings kicked out of you when you release that solo cd, get a championship boat racing team, watch your dad struggle with illness, watch your kid brother have more career success -- and all the time keep that boyish smile. I like Nick more than ever now. Just hang in there, guy.

American Idol. I can't believe I got caught up in the hype, but I did. No, I never cast a real vote (or did I vote for Justin once or twice? . . . it slips my mind), but I did see the top ten in concert in November, and they were wonderful. For half the price of the other concerts I attended, I got twice the entertainment -- and a great tee-shirt for $15! I realize it's already considered very un-hip to like Kelly or any of the rest. But I like 'em anyway. I love Nikki. I even love Simon. This show really livened up what was a tired, stressful summer.

Las Vegas. Yes I go there a lot. No, I can't afford it. But just knowing that amazing city is sitting there in the desert with all those lights shining is a wonderful thing to me. Thank God for inventing Vegas. (Or, actually, thank you Benny Siegel.)

Britney. Another tough year for a celeb on the verge of growing up. Have your movie dissed, your restaurant fail, your concerts less than a sellout -- and your belly ring pops out on 'Saturday Night Live'! Break up with your boyfriend and end up the Jezebel in his latest music vid. Watch your parents split up, your aunt struggle with cancer and your kid sis start her new career, all before Pepsi announces they're cancelling your contract. But keep on doing those crunches, baby. I still love ya'! (And I love that PlayStation game.)

Fan Fiction. It's always a highlight, but watching my friends continue to produce great stuff (and even win some awards) was wonderful. Notable: Leo's 'I'm Howie D.,' Kevin's mpreg fic ('Future BSB Fan') and Joey finally finishing 'Lockdown Get Down.'

Well, that's ten, but I have to add an Honorable Mention:
Backstreet Boys. No, they don't have a record label or a merchandise company anymore. No, they didn't release a record or a music vid in 2002. In fact, they made no group appearances during the entire year. But both individually and collectively -- in fan fiction, old videos and all those new rumors -- they still hold an important place in my heart. I hope they'll eventually do something together again. But whether they do or don't, I owe them a huge thanks for the memories.

So, maybe 2002 wasn't all that bad. I admit many of the people I've listed that helped me survive the year also had tough years of their own. Maybe that's why I could identify with them so much.

As my friend Nik would say, whatev! Without fandom, I can't imagine what a dull life I'd have. Thank God that regardless of what happens in the world, we always have that!

Happy New Year!
31st-Dec-2002 01:29 pm (UTC) - Honey, I Love You!

God bless you, Mistress Marilyn.

And thanks so very much for sharing all that! I guess I need to do a list of my own... LOL.

I surely admire the upbeat attitude you and Charlie seem to keep--no matter how difficult things get.

You have a way with words, sugar. (When are you and Charlie just goin' to break down and write some RL fics? Come on now!)

Kris and I wish you the very best in 2003. Happy New Year a tad early!

2nd-Jan-2003 12:10 pm (UTC) - This is very good!
And Britney is a good thing for 2002 for me, too. So now.

I love you!

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