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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Dumb ole work~ 
20th-Sep-2009 01:26 am
Being back at work definitely ate into my blogging/fanfic time. Jeez, it's hard to believe I can be so busy, and then I wonder what goes on when I'm *not* there . . . it's mysterious.

Great two-hour meeting in the Mayor's office this week . . . 'brainstorming' with staffers . . . running into three members of the Council while we were there, including Sam himself. (I think he was just checking on the room to see if he could use it. He has it decorated a lot nicer now, the corner small conference room that used to just have a round table in it. Now it has a huge redwood coffee table and couches. That's the room where I had my first-ever hot flash, the worst I ever had, just a few weeks after my surgery, when Vera was still mayor but on her way out.)

Everything is pointing to our office move a few months away. It's going to be a considerable amount of work for me, readying us to share our space with the new owner (for a month!), preparing us to move to interim space downtown (!!!), then to our real 'home' at the park (hopefully by Martin Luther King weekend). Yes, I'm going to still take my two weeks in November, no matter how crazy things are.

Today I started reading 'The Violent Years,' the 1960 abridged version of Melvin Purvis' book, 'American Agent.' I tried to concentrate on it while I was getting a pedicure, but that's not exactly the best spot for reading. Still, I can already tell I'm going to enjoy it. Yes, my Public Enemies fascination continues . . . today I finished the Dillinger hidden objects game so I could screencap the characters and their hilarious dialogue.

I also threw out more than a hundred magazines today. I finally parted with some that I've held on to for years. (I could easily turn into one of those people that lives in a rabbit warren of paper, with little paths to my chair, TV and bathroom.) I am determined to simplify my life!

Tomorrow I must write! I need to work on Part 3 of "Stubborn," as well as my sequel to "Jayee." Oh, and since our writing group meets Monday, I'd better finish my story for that!

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20th-Sep-2009 08:58 am (UTC)
I love that you now meet regularly with the Mayor and Commissioners. It reminds me of years ago when the fact that you DIDN'T actually meet with the Mayor was used as a way to make less of your importance at the festival. It was wrong then, but there is some glam to the fact that you're a friend of our Mayor...

The move is going to be interesting -- and a TON of work, no doubt! But I'm sure it's going to work out great in the long run. (But, no, you're not missing ANY vaca for it. Seriously.)

I love it when you're writing -- both fanfic and other stuff. Go, YOU! It gives me lots to read! And I think "Stubborn" and the recent PE stuff is great reading!

I can wait to hear about the Purvis book. I'm reading his son's book now and enjoying it! I'm loving our new LIBRARY of books. (grin)

I wish I'd gone through something and gotten rid of stuff today. (sigh) It's great to do computer work, but after hours of it I'm just worn out. (big sigh) So much for starting my own clean-up today! Plus I'd planned to write and clean for Monday night...

Again, glad you're back at LJ. I always like your entries!
20th-Sep-2009 08:59 am (UTC)
Great Melvin icon, by the way!!!
23rd-Sep-2009 09:43 am (UTC)
Wow, it's been so long since I *didn't* meet with these folks, I don't even remember it. I actually met Sam when he was Vera's chief of staff, after all. But until Dick left, she didn't really know my name. It was making friends with her staff members that helped me, actually. And then one of them became a commissioner and finally mayor!

I'm SERIOUS about the cleanup thing. Videos are next. If I can be a good example, I know you'll follow suit.
20th-Sep-2009 03:48 pm (UTC)
I used to want to hang on to magazines, but I am just a simplifier by nature so a "damn pile of magazines" would get on my nerves.

What I wanted and did not want were at odds always.

I am curious why you wanted to save yours?

For me it was for something in it, then I started 'scrapbooking" what I want, so if it is a food idea i like, it is torn out and taped into the notebook for that. If it was paint colors or a bed set or what ever, it gets filed in the right area.

made me so much happier!

And your recycling will be HEAVY this week!!

21st-Sep-2009 02:45 am (UTC)
So, I think my hoarding of certain magazines is actually a bit of the hoarding mania that makes some people wall themselves in their homes. The stuff I saved was all about the pretty pictures. I had a Britney collection, for instance, that was her on the covers of dozens of magazines (like Rolling Stone and Maxim and Vogue, etc.). I had dozens of issues of Playboy with actresses I liked featured in nude layouts or a public figure I cared about featured in the Playboy interview.

When we moved in this house, we threw out piles of magazines, and then I regretted not having them and being able to look at them. But now, with most things available on line, I'm not so obsessed with mags and scrapbooks (which we also used to make).

It's kind of the same thing at work. I kept piles of hard copies of things, until I got to the point where I trusted the electronic version.

And, YES, Charlie has already announced that we'll have to lighten up the bin. Too much weight, so we'll have to go a little at a time. Oh, well, I personally feel much lighter!
21st-Sep-2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
laughs at the Charlie thoughts

How interesting, I fully understand the keeping paper in the office till you have trust -- been there done that!

Interesting though that you see the hoarder thing, you are so self aware, and willing to keep looking -- any ideas where that comes from, what you are afraid of losing ..

23rd-Sep-2009 09:47 am (UTC)
I don't really get the hoarder mentality, but it might be inherited in some way. My mom collected stuff, then kept the cupboards full of it. Dad hardly ever threw anything away. When we cleaned out their house, it was tons of old milk jugs and nails and fishing lures.

And Charlie is far worse. I have to drag her past garage sales, so she won't drag crap home.

I can only say I remember well the awful feeling when I realized we had thrown out all our magazines before we moved into this house. I felt an actual hole somewhere inside, thinking I'd never be able to put my hands on them. It was weird, to say the least.

So far no separation anxiety over the stuff I tossed. Hopefully it will get easier.
21st-Sep-2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
Moving is always an unpleasant thing I think. I hope you end up in a good location since I remember you said you over looked a river at your present site and I thought that sounded cool.

It's nice to have friends in places that make you feel perhaps more significant. I figure your job requires a lot of PR, and you know how to handle yourself. And that's cool, (pulls you over to the side to whisper something in your ear)I have found myself proud to be your friend to my family, she's the executive director of the 'Rose Parade' in Oregon.

I saved mags until I didn't have a place to really keep them, then I made myself throw them away and give the ones with good photography (like National Geo.) to my sister who can use them in her art classes.
23rd-Sep-2009 10:03 am (UTC)
Our 'new' office is now on the river, at the park downtown. And my office is on the river side, so I imagine I'll have an okay view, although it's ground floor and needs to have window coverings (omg, I can't imagine the people who will be peering in, like back in the day when I had guys peeing and jerking off outside my window). It's a cool historic building, which means it is OLD and nearly uninhabitable. Not to mention it's about half the size of our current space.

I'm going to miss our current building terribly. I got to love it, love being in the neighborhood, love being in a funky building with lots of exposed wood. I have so many memories there. But it's time to move on.

It's always nice to have 'friends in high places,' especially when you're a poor nonprofit and need lots of help. We're lucky to have enough votes on City Council to get things we need. And I feel proud to be able to both support people I believe in *and* help the festival get the support it needs. (It beats having to suck up to people you don't respect.) Overall, though, I'm a behind-the-scenes person and I remain that way. Our Exec Director has stepped up and taken that political role, which he needed to do. I give him a lot of credit for it.

(Hehe, I bet your family just stares at you and says "so what?" It's a crazy way to make a living!)

Charlie saves her National Geographics. Dad and Mom used to have hundreds of them at the house growing up. Maybe now Charlie will be able to part with them. I have to admit, those are more worthy of being saved than Playboys and fashion mags.
23rd-Sep-2009 03:00 pm (UTC)

I thought you were the 'exec director', but no matter. My family thinks it's cool what you do. You have to remember my two sisters both have fine art degrees and I have always been involved with their efforts, they ask my opinions. All three of us girls have that art thing inside. We got it from mom, bless her heart.

So, my family is impressed with what you do.
24th-Sep-2009 05:37 am (UTC)
. . . nope, I'm the 'Associate Exec.' I turned down the 'top job' five years ago, after being the interim exec for eight months. I hated that job. I hate the glad-handing and schmoozing. I like doing actual operations, making things happen. And of course I love the behind-the-scenes, communication stuff.

Did I know you have two sisters? I know you live with one, and I know she's a photographer, right? How cool that they both have fine arts degrees. Three sisters, all artistic. That's pretty amazing.

Charlie and I are having fun having our big sister in our writing group, because art has never been something we share. Charlie's the visual artist, of course, unless you consider a parade 'art.' I always refer to it as ephemeral art, like a parade float. It's fleeting, but it leaves an impression.

Thanks for saying your sisters are impressed with what I do. I'm not sure anyone has ever said that to me. That feels nice, especially since they've learned about me through you.

Thanks for making me feel good, Kyra. You're really sweet.
24th-Sep-2009 03:44 pm (UTC)

Associate Exec. is still good, lol.

Yes, I have two sisters, one five yrs. older (I live with her, Deb) and one five yrs. younger, Delisa. Both of them paint. Debbie prefers water colors and Delisa likes oil or acrylic paint. I am the photographer. It has been a passion of mine for a long time. I'm entering another photo contest soon.

Of course me and Deb are not married, but Delisa is and her husband was impressed too, he also thought it was cool.

Ephemeral has it's place in art, North American Indian sand art for instance. BTW that's one of the words I love, ephemeral, I love the way it sounds. It's with the mist, light dancing in shadows, clouds, and sunsets.
25th-Sep-2009 08:18 am (UTC)
OMG, yes! I *love* the word ephemeral, too!!!! I love how it feels on your lips, like warm skin. It's just lovely, and there aren't enough reasons to say it out loud.
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