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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Auction, Budgets and MOVING, oh my! 
1st-Oct-2009 03:09 pm
I've never coordinated an office move before, so it's only fitting that my first one is so complicated (co-habitate with new owners, move to temporary space, move to new space once it's renovated by the City). I'm trying to figure out all the details, cramming our current operation into half the space, purchasing a new phone system, coordinating the information technology, finding parking downtown and keeping the staff inspired and positive. (Guess which of the above is the most challenging.)

The good news is: yesterday we officially sold our building! Now we can actually AFFORD to move!

And since I'm trying to downsize my own mess at home, my at-work life and at-home life are eerily similar. It's all about THROWING CRAP AWAY. But before you can toss something, you need to peruse it. Meaning it's very time consuming.

My advice: Don't keep anything.

I don't have time to take a real lunch hour, so I'm taking a few minutes to unwind by blogging. Today I had to do a bunch of research on inappropriate use of email and computer systems, so it seems only fitting that I take advantage of my work computer for personal use, which I almost never do.

Now back to reconciling the parade general ledger before the year-end close . . . woohoo!

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2nd-Oct-2009 01:28 am (UTC)
I get how hard it is dealing with Staff (which probably includes me... heh...). I've been trying to be really positive and upbeat about everything and to do so loudly (so any and all can hear me). I sincerely believe it will work out for the best, no matter how challenging it might prove.

Sorry about those hours spent on the email thing. (sigh) Like you don't have tons of other things to do!

After a day spent going through stuff I brought home from work and 'downsizing' like mad (including a bit in our office), I'm ready for the toss it out thing. I can't wait to do more -- at work and at home.

We're really lucky to have YOU doing the move, I have to tell you. I know it wasn't really in your plan to take it over, but you're really the 'man' for the job!
2nd-Oct-2009 03:14 pm (UTC)
"don't keep anything" LOL

Ahhh that is a fun stage of a move! giggles

Hang in there, it really is just another parade ya know, with different floats (trucks and cars of stuff), and different clowns and officials (staff - other teams staff) with funding (you sold the building)....

I think you have PLENTY of expertise!

2nd-Oct-2009 05:40 pm (UTC)
I just got to say, I'm glad I don't have to do it.

I think Charlie has all the confidence in the world in you *hugs*

And I think it's terrible when people can't have a lunch hour.
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