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Auction Day!

Here we go again . . . another year, another auction. Yikes, what a lot of work. I think my 80% FTE has been 60 hours so far, with another 10 to go before it's over. And what will it cost me? Thank goodness I paid down my damn credit card last week . . .

Both sisters are sick, so I hope they make it through tonight . . . Charlie *has to* because she's the data person. We'll have to head to the office around 11:00pm or midnight to deposit the data back on the server. We just met with the computer company that's handling the event this year. What a luxury not to have to drag our own equipment and network it ourselves. (By "ourselves" I mean Charlie.) And how interesting that this "luxury" really doesn't cost us anything, because last year we paid for an IT consultant who did nothing.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better (except my nagging right shoulder that is slowly going bad, just like the left one did nearly three years ago). I've slept two nights in a row, after pulling an all-nighter Wednesday-Thursday on the PowerPoint. And everybody who's seen it loves the show, thinks it's our best ever. I can't wait until the moment it plays tonight!

Now I need to get back to the venue for rehearsal with the auctioneer and the rest of the folks. Our queen is taking her SATs today, so she'll be late. But I've got the auction cards and the scripts and the laptop with the slideshow and the appeal presentation. So, I gotta run!

Let's hope we make lots of money tonight!

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