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So much to do, so little time . . .

I completely bogued on returning to work this afternoon, not to mention my tanning appt. Just couldn't do it. Had to take a nap instead, then got distracted by the movie 'Two Days in the Valley,' and now have spent more than an hour answering feedback and comments.

Work is really cutting into my on line time. And this tells me I need an attitude adjustment. For one thing, if I don't start working out, I'm not gonna be able to seduce Colin when we happen to run into one another (maybe in Vegas in August -- who knows?)!

Speaking of Vegas, got reservations and tix for BSB. I think the tix are gonna be lousy, but I waited far too long to order them. (My number one personal flaw: proscrastination and anybody reading one of my multi-part fanfics knows it!)

I didn't go for the Seattle job, and I think they already made their choice. It just didn't feel right. But something is coming. I can feel it. Not sure exactly what it is . . .

I'm loving making new friends at LJ. I really feel like I've finally gotten the whole blogging thing. It took me long enough, I admit.

Just posted this so I could use my new icon from brn_gamble. God I love this guy! (I swear Street is screen-capped in the middle of saying "Gun cage!")

Okay, done being random now.
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