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Sometimes it's fun to read old posts~

I got pulled back a few years in my journal, when an occasional post would end up on metafandom, by the lovely delorita commenting to an old entry about slash fanfic. It can be fun to travel back in time (recent time, not the Old West, hehe) and see what you were thinking just a few years back.

I guess that's why we journal . . . so we can capture that thinking and those moments in time.

In the meantime, this week has gone fast and furious (how Dom/Brian of me)! Jeff's family has been stricken with the swine flu, so that meant no meeting at City Hall today; after our parade creative team, the entire day was spent on cleaning and packing. It seems like the whole office was engaged, and we had four volunteers going at it. I went home and changed out of my decent clothes into sweats and picked up Charlie. She made great head-way on the computers.

My office seems like it's now the worst. As people clear out other rooms, they bring stuff 'in question' into my office, and there are stacks EVERYWHERE!

Tomorrow is the big 'packing day.' We have at least a dozen people coming, and I have to be at the office at 8:00am to set everything up (or just assist the amazing Sue, who has the whole thing organized . . . she and her hubbie will be the primary workers). Tomorrow will take energy and patience, and by the end of the day I should be ready to have the movers come and take the first load on Tuesday. I met with the 'recycling lady' today, and she's a godsend. She'll take EVERYTHING we don't want, and I don't think it will end up costing us a dime!

And speaking of going back in time . . . all this old stuff I'm reading through! Last weekend it was my very first personnel reviews from the days I was in my 20s. My favorite 'opportunity for growth' from my first boss: "Marilyn needs more confidence."

Oh, lordy! (Talk about over-compensating . . .)

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