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Lazy Saturday

I slept nearly all day today. Colin loved it, because he was stretched out on me for hours. I was beat down after a crazy week, my first full work-week since June (not counting auction week and the move and all those other times, hehe). Yesterday was CRAZY, two visits to City Hall, one to prep for next Wednesday, one to meet with the Commissioner. We also had a great meeting about our new Youth Silent Film Festival, after I got much of the script for Wednesday done. Then we chose the winner of our official rose contest in the afternoon. We'll announce the name next week. Charlie and I got home after 7:00pm, and I was STARVING. I hadn't had a bite all day.

So, no treadmill, no other exercise. I'll count that Jeff and I walked the few blocks to and from City Hall, I guess. (Tonite I'll have to do 45 mins to an hour.)

I've only gotten three work calls and/or emails today, so that's not bad for the first work weekend of 2010.

Sue, Charlie and I drove to Hood River this afternoon, and we're at Starbucks using WiFi. After this we're heading to dinner.

So, as I was watching mindless TV last night and surfing around cable, I saw that Public Enemies is now On Demand for $4.99. So, even though I own the dvd, I decided to buy it and see if by chance it was full screen. AND IT WAS! I could actually see their expressions! So I'm going to record it from On Demand so I can have a version I can actually enjoy. As I mentioned a while back, the ridiculous wide screen of some of these movies just doesn't work for me. I'm happy to lose the 'perspective' of the scene in order to see the damn actors.

I used my Brandon Walsh icon, partly because Kyra posted and mentioned her nephew Brandon. Also because I had turned on BH90210 while Colin and I were napping. (Weekend eps on the Soap Opera channel are currently on the Kelly/Colin arc where she ends up on cocaine, one of my lurid favorites. Donna is trying out for the Rose Court in Pasadena. You know I gotta love that one!)

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