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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Writer's Digest is a Big, Fat Pimp 
1st-Feb-2010 11:55 pm
Jeffrey : brn_gamble, Eat me
I may have recently mentioned what an annoying, overly-commercial, blatantly greedy, opportunistic pimp I think Writer's Digest is.

Bad sentence. Proving I better not stop reading/using the services of WD.

Yes, I buy their books, I subscribe to their magazine and website, I occasionally purchase a cd (why, why, why?) and I enter their $15-a-pop contests, hoping I'll get one little acknowledgment in their long lists of winning writers of 'popular fiction,' 'short stories,' 'genre fiction,' 'my story' and many, many more. (I also buy lottery tix, so go figure!) These contests alone pay the rent of many of the staffers at WD, believe me. When they don't meet their quota (budget) on a contest, they extend the deadline.

Writer's Digest is out to help would-be writers the same way Dracula was out to save weak-willed women from debilitating blood diseases. Writer's Digest feeds off the hopes and dreams of people like me.

In fact, I want to know the statistics about how much of the published world is stuff written and offered specifically for the purpose of becoming part of the published world. I bet the statistics are overwhelming. (50%? More?)

All that being said, Writer's Digest is a quality magazine and one of the best resources around for writing tools. Ignoring WD altogether would be like using a computer without Microsoft products, pretty damn difficult.

I just wish I could pay for a subscription (as I did in December), and not get a notice a month later that screams Third Notice--Subscription Scheduled to Terminate in 90 Days!

Note to Writer's Digest: The world "Terminate" should not be bandied about. The sight of it makes me want to go off on a Christian Bale rant, which proves how mild this entry really is (despite the user pic of Renner's Jeffrey Dahmer).

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2nd-Feb-2010 08:13 am (UTC)
I had to select the perfect icon, so here's my 'regal (anne boleyn)' -- this was a REGAL entry. (heh)

I laughed the whole time I read this. In fact, I HOWLED during much of it.

You know I agree about Writer's Digest (in spite of the award I got) -- and I was DYING when they sent you that notice! Come again? You just re-upped in DECEMBER!!! Is a subscription to them only good for two months, or what???


I love the 'eat me' icon, by the way. (grin)

And I think you were being kind with this entry. Good heavens, WD!!!
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