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Vanport Writers getting better and better!

Our writing group is really taking off. Laura and Logan have added so much spark to it; we really needed a shot in the arm. And the 'regulars' are so comfortable with one another and so funny. We never have an evening we aren't laughing and teasing, while we share really good stories. I feel like everybody is improving, little by little. (And hopefully learning something.)

As always, the exercise was amazing. Jodi's was especially good tonight. She is a really good extemporaneous writer; she just flows. We concentrated on historical fiction and had some fun with it. Three of us chose to write in the time of Christ for the exercise, and it was a scream. (Yeah, ya kinda had to be there!)

My Benedict Arnold story turned out pretty good. People seemed to like it, and overall I felt satisfied with it, although it was still a pretty awkward style (third person, present tense juxtaposed with third person, future tense). I've ended up fascinated by Arnold, and I could actually see myself writing a historical novel about him. I've gotten a good start at getting into his head.

Back to work tomorrow. It was great to have three days this weekend after only having one last week. Mostly slept on Saturday (as usual). Wrote a lot and tanned yesterday. Watched the weird Closing Ceremonies and then slept again. Got manicures and pedicures today, and Charlie finally got her bridge. I still haven't locked in the rate for my new mortgage payment, but I hope to get that done tomorrow. I have lots more stuff to burn off the dvr, but I should be able to get some of that done this week.

Jeff's in Texas this week, so I'm in charge. (Key ominous organ vamp.)

And I *MUST* get back on the damn treadmill. I will not get into my blue-or-grey Jones New York suit(s) by March 22 if I don't start hauling ass. And I mean ASS!

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