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Colin and Jeremy!

Ohmygod, Colin Farrell is getting to introduce Jeremy Renner's nomination for Best Actor! (He just mentioned them "spooning" on the same pillow.)

Sometimes the best things happen when you've got an OTP (like Gamble/Street).

I know Jeremy won't win, but this is even better. Yay!

ETA: Yay, Kathryn Bigelow! Yay, yay! Oh, and YEAH, Best Picture for 'The Hurt Locker.' That was sudden, but not unexpected.

I am so pissed we didn't go to that special screening when Bigelow was in town showing the film at the Hollywood Theatre. Big mistake.

Overall, a nice year for the Oscars . . . (but a bad night for my mother-fucking dvr!)

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Tags: 2010 academy awards, gamble/street

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