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Writing as fast as I can~

Got the copy for the spring brochure written this morning. Tedious, but necessary. Then managed to focus long enough on my story for Vanport Writers to get it done within minutes of the start of tonight's group! Yikes. I swear I'm finding new levels of procrastination as time goes on.

My story got an, ummm, interesting reaction. Seems like the erotic content got all the attention, and the irony and poignancy, not so much. Oh, well. It didn't turn out bad at all, especially considering the lack of real inspiration. Title: "Beer Goggles"

Next month's meeting will come the day after we get back from San Antonio, so there's no way to put off writing again. Our next topic: Fools.

I worked on one of my 'Lancer' stories over the weekend, but it still seems to just be sitting there, going no where, really. I offered some feedback at my Yahoo list to some of the recent stories there. I'm far from productive in that particular arena, but who knows . . . one of these days that could change.

I wonder how prolific I could be if it didn't take me forever to write one damn paragraph. Yeesh. I'm the slowest writer in the world. Luckily I'm a quick blogger (not that you could prove it here at LJ).

ETA: Hey, speaking of blogging, this turns out to be my 700th entry. Not very impressive after nearly eight years, but I'll take it. At this rate I should hit my thousandth post somewhere in mid-2012 . . . another signpost pointing to the End of the World.

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