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Scary 'Older' Women~

These women on Law&Order:SVU are seriously scaring me.

Ann-Margret, Jaclyn Smith and Susan Anton, proving you can grow old UNgracefully.

Would their plastic surgeons *want* people to know these women were clients? Would the way they look actually drum up more business?

It's that mouth thing that drives me crazy. Something unnatural and artificial. Those lips. Yikes.

Susan Anton is 59, turning 60 this year. Jaclyn Smith is 62. Ann-Margret turns 69 in April.

These are all beautiful women, don't get me wrong. Some of the most beautiful women ever. But watching them like this is painful to me, not because they've aged, which is obvious. But because they clearly aren't comfortable.

Morgan Fairchild was also on the show. She's 60. And she definitely looks the best of this bunch. This may be because of genes or because she has a better surgeon. Who knows? You can see there's been work around her mouth, but her lips don't stick out unnaturally. For that matter, Ann-Margret appears to have mostly left her lips alone, maybe opting for an old-fashioned face lift.

Whatever. As I look in the mirror and see my face changing, I wonder if I'm becoming more accepting or less discerning. I hope I avoid the scary lip thing, at least.

But you never know for sure until you get there.

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