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Woohoo! Some time to ourselves!

So, I told Virginia last night that Charlie and I were taking the morning off. We wanted to go exploring on our own, go shopping and go back to the Alamo. Yesterday's trip there was great, but as usual we were on a tight timeline and barely had time to get stuff in the gift shop. We didn't even go to one building at all.

So . . . I think she understood, although she seemed a bit bewildered. These people have no idea this is my first vacation in three years and I've paid a fortune for it, buying the airfare TWICE. They only know they're paying for the hotel (more to come on that) and taking us to the most exclusive parties in San Antone. (Two of those yesterday, by the way.)

Let me just say that I had the absolutely wrong impression about Virginia. She and her husband are the sweetest, most caring folks, at least from what I've seen. She's quiet and unassuming, even though I know she must pack a punch to have all the accolades she does. And the head of the hosting committee, Janice, is an absolute steel magnolia. The woman is amazing, gorgeous and charming, powerful and beloved here. She fascinates me.

Everyone has treated us wonderfully, although there's a definite line of demarcation between our pres-elect and her husband and Charlie and me. We're part of their 'entourage,' always introduced after them (the order of intros is very important here) or sometimes not at all. Whatever. We're part of the group that gets special treatment everywhere. Yesterday we had front row seats to the Battle of Flowers Parade; the man hosting us insisted, even though Charlie and I had taken seats in the back. This guy's daughter is one of the Duchesses; he bought this empty building with a great parking lot where he could hold an air conditioned party and erect a scaffold for parade viewing. Thank God. The thing had an awning. If we had been sitting out in the sun, I wouldn't be writing this right now, because I'd be dead.

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