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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Home again, jiggity-jig~ 
6th-May-2010 02:39 am
This is the third time I've tried to post this, and LJ just keeps kicking me out. I guess it's forgotten me. It's been ten days since I posted on our last night in San Antonio . . . and here we are in freezing Portland (literally, we were expecting a frost tonight), back in the thick of things, trying to figure out how to get everything done that needs to get done.

The answer? Working late at night, just like always.

I need to take a shower, because I have to be at City Hall by 8:00am for a meeting; I'm actually making my first appearance at a meeting of a sister city board I agreed I'd join, not sure exactly why. I've had a pretty poor record of board involvement over the years. I just have never had the passion to make the time, and the expectations never line up. Maybe it will be different this time, but I doubt it.

I want to post an official blog entry for work . . . I have another one almost ready to go, at least the photos.

I haven't even started sorting out my pictures or preparing an entry about Fiesta San Antonio . . . maybe this weekend.

Tonight I was longing to write fanfic, maybe because Charlie sent me an interesting drabble today. But I was just too tired. I watched some mindless entertainment TV, then fell asleep. When I woke up I started watching the extremely depressing period film, 'Jude,' based on a novel by Thomas Hardy. I turned it off before it got to the part where . . . well, I won't put any spoilers in, just in case somebody reading this ever wants to watch it. I loved seeing the beautiful Kate Winslet (and you see all of her in this, including a pretty bloody birth), and I was fascinated by the strange love between two cousins (strange because she seems to have some sexual issue), but that was all I could take. I guess this time of year I'm better off with 'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,' which we watched after the board meeting (the one for our own organization!) on Tuesday night.

Speaking of movies, we probably won't manage to go to a midnite show of 'Iron Man 2' tomorrow night (er . . . tonight), but hopefully we'll get there this weekend.

This weekend is both the St. Johns Parade and Train Day, where our clown corps makes its first official appearance. It's actually supposed to be warm by then (in the low 60s, which is better than the 40s!). God, I hope so.

The first big event in the park where our new office is located kicked off today. That's Cinco de Mayo, a food-music-alcohol event with a footprint almost as large as ours. At 4:30 this afternoon a band started playing and the office started throbbing, literally. It's going to be an interesting summer, especially when you add the stages and the 'Big Sling' right outside my windows! When I left work the cops had taken over our parking lot for some of the cars they had staged for the event, prepared to deal with trouble before it even starts. People were lined up at the gates when I was driving out, despite the chilly evening.

Found out today that Jenny (who used to work for us) is pregnant again. (Good ole Facebook!)

I guess I better hit the shower . . . or write my blog entry . . . or something. Next time I post I'm sharing some San Antonio photos. I'm completely geeked out on the Alamo now!

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6th-May-2010 11:20 am (UTC)
You amaze me. I get tired thinking about your schedule and lack of sleep...

Yeah, we're about to discover what it's like to work in the new building when there are NOISY events outside (including our own!). It should be interesting. (I guess I'm lucky that I do so much of my work here in my home office...)

Sorry about the crap with LJ. You just never know. Hey! Remember when it screwed up ALL the time, back in the day??? I guess we're spoiled, now.

I'd love to see you writing fanfic again! Hope there's some time soon. After all, in two months we're done with the actual festival for another year...

The Alamo rocked! You need to take a picture of the FLAG and share that! How cool it is!!!

And your shot of the Alamo on your phone is VERY cool! I love it.

Busy weekend comin' up...

You could get a few winks... Yes? No?
6th-May-2010 01:48 pm (UTC)
Hey there good to hear your blog and catch up with you a little bit. I don't think I will ever get to see the two of you since I can't get over this cold crap. I am going on the third week and I am never sick this long. The weather has been so cold and strange here. I bet you miss the warm Texas weather.

I am so glad that you liked the Alamo so much and enjoyed some of the trip. Too bad so much of it was just more work for both of you, but I know how devoted to work you are. I have to go to Nicole's appointment on Saturday for the final agreement before the braces with Bryan and Candy. Today after I take Nicole to school I am picking Wayne up at Our Daily Bread and taking him over to catch the train up to Seattle.

I talked to Charlie about getting tickets for the parade and hope it won't be too much to ask, but have seven of my cribbage club who would like to go with me. If you can't get me that many free tickets, I will buy some as I think it would be so fun to go with all of these friends. I am excited to attend the Coranation and the Parade. Sue
6th-May-2010 02:33 pm (UTC)
Yes I think you will be "embracing" some events, some may say ironic due to your job there! lol

Events there do tend to become the entire area, so I suppose it may even encourage you to leave at a reasonable time ;)

And YES this cold nonsense .. is supposed to be clearing here too -- just watched the girl across the street leave on her bike -- coat, gloves, scarf, hat -- ALL bundled up.


7th-May-2010 07:00 am (UTC)
Facebook seemed to be having issues tonight too.

I guess having your office so close to a park has its down-side. Or upside, I guess, depending on whether you're in a partying mood or not. Our office shares a wall with a row of classrooms and during the school year it can get pretty noisy. Not so fun.

I look forward to seeing your San Antonio pics!
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