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Happy Memorial Day!

Just another Memorial Day in Portland, waking up to the rain.

I finally got the script done late yesterday for today's Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony. Found out they hadn't allocated a sound system, so luckily the guy who manages the choir is bringing one. And since the Senator wasn't available, *I'm* doing the 'Welcome Home' for the Vietnam vets.

It meant a lot more stress for me, trying to find the right words, trying not to offend anyone, trying to capture the emotion of the time and find reconciliation. Yes, just little ole me. Let's cross our fingers it goes well and I can get thru it!

One of the things I found while I was preparing was the POW/MIA bracelet I wore for years in the early 70s. Capt. Richard Halpin was 25 years old when he was shot down in a gunship in Laos on March 29, 1972, and in 1977--exactly 33 years ago--he was declared dead. Then in 1986 his remains were finally identified. I don't really remember when I realized he wasn't coming home and stopped wearing the bracelet, but I'm wearing it again today, remembering him and thanking him for his service and sacrifice.

Capt. Richard Halpin, US Air Force
23 July 1946-31 May 1977

Here's a shout out to all the others who are serving or served, including my Dad.

I hope my LJ friends have a good day. And whether you're American or not, it's a good day for remembrance.

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