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Queen of the Wild Frontier!

It's 4:30am, and in three hours we'll get back to queen judging . . .

Yesterday ended up being FANTASTIC. Great events (go Charlie on our March!) and even great weather. At one point I thought we were gonna get rained on, then the sun came out and stayed out. The F-15 flyover was even better than last year, and this year we had the fireboat with red, white and blue water before the cannons went off. It was amazing.

When I saw what happened in Illinois at the President's event--torrential rain with thunderstorms--I knew just how lucky we were. Thank you, Jesus!

I had two wives of Vietnam vets and one Vietnam vet come and thank me for my speech. It was a very tough crowd--very serious (although they laughed in the right places at Davy Crockett's speech). Yeah, just 36 hours ago I was writing a speech for myself *and* for Davy Crockett. Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?

Add Stosur's win in Paris, and it added up to a great Memorial Day.

What will today bring?

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